Extensive experience with a personal touch. It’s what we do.

From reputation management to product launch promotion, and traditional PR to white-label support, Wilson Public Relations combines innovative experience and expertise, along with a deep understanding of regional markets and industry trends, with the personalized touch of a boutique firm.

Our holistic view of campaigns and a creative approach to challenges are matched by a passion for helping organizations tell unique, compelling stories, engaging audiences and reaching new audiences.

We’re about much more than the basics of marketing and communications services. Take a look around, or reach out to see where we can meet you along your journey.

To refine unique messaging and enhance its potential, we work with clients to develop a comprehensive communications plan. We start with a full analysis of the brand and overarching business goals, a competitive audit and extensive market research. From there, we develop a holistic campaign strategy that includes measurable tactics and a project budget.

Also known as Earned Media.

We help clients develop lucrative relationships with media at all levels – local, regional, national, trade and more. Our service areas include press coverage and contributed content, which we help develop for distribution to and publication in some of the country’s leading outlets. We also connect clients to speaking engagements to obtain coverage by sharing their expertise.

Also known as Owned Media.

Either to augment a client’s earned media portfolio or as a stand-alone service, we channel our creative capabilities into the development of first-rate brand journalism and thought leadership, such as op-eds and blog posts written from the unique perspective of a business. We also help clients harness data to develop case studies that adequately showcase success stories.

Also known as Shared Media.

Thriving in the evolving landscape that is social media is all about the approach. Whether just starting out or rethinking current strategies, we help clients align their voice with their audience(s) across various platforms to maximize reach. As part of a comprehensive communications plan, we show clients exactly where and how social media can help achieve their goals.

The key to a team’s success is consistent communication and shared understanding. However, this ideal is often complicated by the realities of running an enterprise. We help clients develop internal communications materials that inspire and motivate their teams, while preserving operational flow and resources. Services include email marketing, intranet material development and more.

A specialized form of communications support, the goal of media training is to prepare you for your role in representing your company or organization. Clients are prepared to anticipate questions, navigate problematic situations, and focus on the effective delivery of core messaging. First impressions are key, and media training benefits professionals with any variety of experience.

Because great attention can make or break an event, we are here for clients when the pressure is on to develop engaging announcements and elicit positive coverage. We assist with the details and strategics around both virtual and in-person events, including content creation like website landing pages, blog posts and interviews, as well as tailored social media posts.

When clients conceive their next big thing, we are with them from creating the initial buzz to developing compelling and ongoing content, helping to drive demand and increase adoption. Our approach is to integrate product launches into the client’s overall brand strategy, tying the launch into an overarching business story and anticipating what’s to come.

Influencers play a prominent role in the digital landscape. Their tremendous power on social media, combined with curated brand collaboration, can leverage influencers as highly effective ambassadors. As part of a holistic communications plan, we help clients identify influencers to partner with and facilitate content creation based on a creative brief encompassing brand and project guidelines.

We believe deeply in giving back to our community, and help clients connect with other businesses and organizations that produce a mutual benefit. Whether for a specific event or campaign or a long-term alliance, we help our clients build and maintain partnerships that align with their values and promote goodwill. 

The public image of a brand or business is worth everything, and reputation precedes every interaction with a potential customer. We help clients create consistent expectations and develop meaningful relationships with the public, while moderating negative attention when things go wrong.

Our clients benefit from a proactive approach to crisis communication, starting with advanced planning and strategic and rapidly deployed responses to mitigate negative attention surrounding an incident, to post-crisis action plans. We help clients build communication chains of command and effective frontline teams within their organizations to bolster preparedness. And we can help clients skillfully navigate public and media inquiries to successfully defuse difficult situations.

From fully behind-the-scenes work to a strategic role as part of a company’s public relations team, our white label services offer organic integration within a client’s existing processes, bringing our expertise and unique vantage point to your operations or campaigns.

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