Nurturing your network: 9 successful strategies for business leaders
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Wilson Public Relations Founder + Chief PR Officer Beth Wilson is a proud member of the Business Journals Leadership Trust, an invitation-only network of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in your community.

There are many widely circulated tips on how to build a professional network, but what should a leader do within that network once it’s built? The real challenge for many is knowing how to nurture their networks effectively.

Actively working on building mutually beneficial relationships can provide you with access to information and support and help you continue to grow your network as you share your experience and talent with others. Nine Business Journals Leadership Trust members shared their top tips for making the most of your established connections.

What Beth had to say:

Prioritize reciprocity.
Once your network is built, focus on effectively nurturing and leveraging those relationships. One way to do so is to prioritize reciprocity. By consistently demonstrating your willingness to help others succeed, you establish yourself as a valuable, trusted member of your network. Over time, this fosters goodwill, increasing the likelihood of others reciprocating by supporting your business endeavors.

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