Landed a media interview? Essential tips to prepare
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Wilson Public Relations Founder + Chief PR Officer Beth Wilson is a proud member of the Business Journals Leadership Trust, an invitation-only network of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in your community.

Being interviewed by a reputable media platform — whether it’s an industry magazine, a local publication, a podcast or a news broadcast — offers a golden opportunity for any business leader. It’s a chance to not only highlight your expertise and your business, but also to connect with a wide-ranging audience, which can potentially open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

However, for introverted people or those new to the experience, the prospect of being interviewed can be as nerve-wracking as it is exciting. Taking steps to prepare beforehand and remembering why you’ve been offered this opportunity can help calm jittery nerves.

What Beth had to say:

Actively listen to the questions.
Practice active listening. Nerves can lead to focusing solely on what you want to say, which can hinder effective communication. By actively listening to the interviewer’s questions, you’ll better understand them and thereby be able to provide more thoughtful, relevant responses. This helps maintain the flow of the conversation and demonstrates engagement and respect for the interviewer, leaving a positive impression.

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