For remote work to succeed, productivity is key
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By Audrey Shelton, Wilson Public Relations PR Account Executive

The rise of remote work has been revolutionary for many people, offering the flexibility to work from anywhere, reduce commute times, and improve work-life balance. However, the trend also presents a unique set of challenges for both employees and employers. When we emphasize productivity, both parties can reap the benefits of all that remote work has to offer. Here are a few tips that our team finds helpful.

Set up a designated workspace
One of the biggest challenges of remote work is creating a work-life boundary. Setting up a designated workspace can help you manage that, and it can also help you get into the right mindset for work. Whether you’re using a home office or another specific area, try to contain all of your work duties to that space.

Establish a routine
When you’re working from home, daily distractions can be more challenging to ignore. Establishing a routine can help you stay on track and ensure that you’re using your time effectively. Set a schedule for when you will start and end work each day, and stick to it as much as possible.

Use a task management system
Using a task management system, like Asana or Monday, can help you stay organized and prioritize your to-do list. Our team also uses this for communication and collaboration purposes – conveying deadlines, asking for insight, or raising awareness about the status of deliverables.

Take breaks
It’s important to take breaks throughout the day to help you recharge and stay focused. This is especially important when you’re working from home, as it can be tempting to work through lunch or skip breaks altogether. Set a timer to remind yourself to take a break every hour or two, and use that time to stretch, take a walk, or take care of some household chores.

Stay connected with colleagues
Make an effort to stay connected with your coworkers. Our team aims to meet at least once per week for an in-person co-working session. But when that’s not feasible, remember to schedule regular check-ins and use virtual meeting spaces to your benefit. By staying connected, you’ll likely feel more engaged in the work.

Prioritize self-care
You can’t give your best unless you’re at your best. Self-care includes things like getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and making time to move your body. Taking care of yourself will help you stay productive and focused throughout the day.

Our team is all based in Memphis, but we’re passionate about working from anywhere – whether at our favorite local coffee shop, an exotic locale, or outside on our own patios. Technology is just one piece of our strategy for staying connected as a team and as an agency. In addition to following the productivity tips above, remember to make time for face-to-face interactions, too.