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13 pieces of business advice that have helped leaders along the way
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Wilson Public Relations Founder + Chief PR Officer Beth Wilson is a proud member of the Business Journals Leadership Trust, an invitation-only network of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in your community.

One of the best parts about being a business leader is belonging to a group of entrepreneurs facing the same challenges and opportunities. Talking things out with others who are facing similar situations allows you to get advice and be understood.

When leaders receive great advice that ends up changing the way that they approach business, those words often stick with them. Here, 13 Business Journals Leadership Trust members share the best business or life lesson that they’ve ever received and how it has impacted them over the years.

What Beth had to say:

Never stop learning.
One lesson I carry with me throughout business and life is never stop learning. This includes learning new skills, knowing how to adapt, mastering your emotions and uncovering your personal beliefs and core values along the way. Learn to communicate effectively as well because any issue, or resolution in life and business boils down to communication.

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