10 tips for seamlessly covering work when a team member has an emergency
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Wilson Public Relations Founder + Chief PR Officer Beth Wilson is a proud member of the Business Journals Leadership Trust, an invitation-only network of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in your community.

Personal or family emergencies can happen at any time, and it’s possible a key team member may need to be away from work without notice for an extended period. If leaders haven’t prepared, this can lead to disruptions in workflow, missed deadlines and reduced team productivity.

It’s essential to have strategies in place so that one or more persons can step in to cover the work of an absent team member immediately and without confusion. Here, 10 Business Journals Leadership Trust members share their tips for building a smooth and seamless process to ensure coverage when a team member needs to take unscheduled time off.

What Beth had to say:

Ensure visibility into ongoing project statuses.
Company culture is essential to team function, and employees should be encouraged to take wellness days or be with family when situations arise. While everyone should have their own responsibilities, collaboration and communication, along with visibility into project statuses, are crucial. Be sure you have a solid approach to project management (for example, a PM platform), and have regular check-ins.

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